“In today’s market obtaining immediate pricing, along with a quick lead times, is often the difference between winning and losing an order. I continue to rely on BASC Mfg., Inc. because they consistently provide the best solutions to maximize storage while remaining very competitive in price. BASC Mfg., Inc. provides excellent customer service that outshines their competition. Their sales representatives are very professional and highly skilled in this market.”

I use BASC because they hold a huge stock at their warehouse and I can count on them to provide shelving in a very small amount of time.

The quality of Allstor shelving is second to none. I can walk away from an install feeling confident that I won’t have to come back because of collapses or sagging on shelf levels

People often say you judge a company not by how they handle success, but how they handle adversity when everything doesn’t go as planned. The customer service at BASC was on point and never left me feeling like I didn’t know what was going to happen next

We continue to use BASC because they not only provide us with quotes and drawings very quickly, but they often suggest better options to help save our customers money while increasing storage space at the same time.


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