1. Which type of shelving should I be using between Lo-profile and Widespan?

This all depends on shelf capacity and what you are storing on the shelving. - Lo-Profile is used for "light-duty" applications where shelf spacing is more important than how much you can fit per level. Shelf capacities range from 400 lbs per on 36"W to 275 lbs per on 48"W. - Widespan is used for the bulkier, heavier products/materials. Starting at 48" and spanning all the way to 96", Widespan can hold anywhere from 620 lbs per level to 2,000 lbs per level.

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2. What size shelving should I use for storing record boxes?

Most typically sized record boxes will be 1 of 2 sizes. 1. 12 "W x 15 "D x 10 "H @ approximately 40 lbs per 2. 12 "W x 25 "D x 10 "H @ approximately 70 lbs per - For option 1, if you are stacking 1 box deep per level your best options will be anyone of 42", 56", or 69" wide by 15" or 16" deep. If you plan to stack 2 boxes deep, your best option will be anyone of the widths listed above by 30" or 32" deep. - For option 2, the same applies for the width of your shelving. For stacking 1 box deep you will want to use a 24" deep shelving unit. 2 boxes deep will require a 48" deep shelving unit.

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3. What standard colors does BASC provide?

BASC carries a large stock in our Ultra-Tan color. We can also provide black, and a textured grey color with additional lead time. (Lead time increases because all parts will be made from scratch)

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4. What's the difference between a Starter Unit and an Adder Unit?

A Starter is one complete individual unit (4 posts and all shelf components) that can stand on its own and be used as soon as it's assembled. An Adder unit comes with all the same shelf components as a Starter, except instead of 4 angle posts you receive 2 tee posts. This makes it very simply to "add" a unit onto your starter. Using Adder units is good for 2 reasons; 1. It adds overall rigidity and strength throughout a row of shelving & 2. It can often save a lot of money by eliminating additional uprights.

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