Lo-Pro Shelving

ALLSTORLo-Pro & Mid-Pro shelving units are an excellent solution where shelf density and maximum clear height opening is required. Allstor’s special Double Rivet Lo-Pro (DRLP) shelf beams give you added rigidity without compromising your vertical shelf spacing. Shelf capacities up to 550 lbs. per (uniformly loaded).

Product Specifications

  • Open access from all sides of the unit.
  • Decking Types:
    • Particle Board
    • Wire Mesh Deck
    • Melaclad Board
    • Solid Steel Corrugated Deck
  • Heights up to 25 feet without splicing.
  • Widths up to 5 feet.
  • Depths up to 4 feet.
  • Assembles in minutes. Easy disassembly for adjusting and moving.

Shelf Capacities: – Lo-Profile 36″W x 12″-48″D: 400 lbs per 42″W x 12″-48″D: 325 lbs per 48″W x 12″-48″D: 275 lbs per – Mid-Profile 36″W x 12″-48″D: 550 lbs per 42″W x 12″-48″D: 500 lbs per 48″W x 12″-48″D: 400 lbs per 60″W x 12″-48″D: 300 lbs per

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