Catwalk Systems

Double Deck Shelving Mezzanine

ALLSTOR double deck shelving mezzanine provides an economical approach to optimum storage capability. The interchangeability of all ALLSTOR components (Lo-Pro and Wide Span) allows the flexability to account for a variety storage capacities within one system. Unspliced uprights in heights available up to 22 feet incorporate specially designed grating supports and aisle ties that are easily installed between units to support the mezzanine catwalks. The ALLSTOR stairway and landing provides easy access to mezzanine aisles. Efficient and effective, a customized ALLSTOR system will meet your needs.

Product Specifications

  • Shelf types: LO-PRO and Wide Span or a combination of both.
  • Shelf surface options: Particle Board, Meleclad Board, Wire Mesh Deck.
  • Catwalk surface options: Bar Grating, Wood over Corrugated Steel Deck, Open Steel Plank Grating.

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