With the world we live in today, environmental issues are of significant interest and importance to not only Basc Mfg., Inc., but the government and general public as well. When it comes to manufacturing Allstor shelving, and its many components, Basc is dedicated to providing you with the most eco-friendly product possible. After all, every component comes from this amazing place we call home, and we go the extra mile to make sure planet earth stays amazing for years to come.
STEEL Steel is 100% recyclable. Steel is part of an integrated life cycle and can be fully recycled. Thus surplus and scrap steel is valuable and in demand for the production of prime new steel. Recycling routes are well-established and recycling is therefore the preferred disposal route. While disposal to landfill are not harmful to the environment, it is a waste of resources and therefore less desirable than recycling. Waste material from the production processes and material sourced on the scrap steel market are used in production. Using scrap steel to replace the raw materials used in iron production thus results in a considerable decrease in carbon dioxide emissions in the steelmaking process. All packaging materials of hot-rolled steel products are recyclable. No hazardous waste is formed from end products.

POWDER COAT PAINT Unlike many liquid paints, powder coatings are compliant with environmental regulations. Liquid paints often contain solvents, which can contribute to air pollution and, in some cases, ozone depletion. Powder coatings are free of such pollutants. Wet painting processes can generate sludge, which must be disposed of into hazardous waste landfills. Properly formulated powder coatings generate no such hazardous waste. The consumer can feel good about buying a powder-coated product, which is ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE. Powder coatings are frequently a cost saving alternative to liquid paints with respect to energy savings, labor costs, rework costs, material usage, waste disposal, and overall line efficiency. The advantage to manufacturers and the consumers is a coated part with a superior quality finish at a reasonable cost.
PARTICLE BOARD DECKING The Particle Board used by Basc Mfg., Inc. is an Environmentally Preferable Product approved by the Composite Panel Association for its production of CARB Phase 1 and CARB Phase 2 Industrial Grade Particle Board. It is a composite panel product consisting of cellulosic particles of various sizes that are bonded together with a synthetic resin or binder under heat and pressure. At the time of manufacture, additives can be incorporated to impart specific performance enhancements including greater dimensional stability, increased fire retardancy and moisture resistance.
Today’s particleboard gives industrial users the consistent quality and design flexibility needed for fast, efficient production lines and quality consumer products. Particleboard panels are manufactured in a variety of dimensions and with a wide range of physical properties that provides maximum design flexibility for specifiers and end users. If you would like to see a Certificate of Compliance or have any questions regarding Airborne Toxic Control Measure please feel free to contact us.

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